Telegram Icons and Symbols and Their Meanings


Telegram offers plenty of new and fascinating features that WhatsApp misses. As a result, the UI is quite different and there are certainly a lot of new symbols and icons in Telegram that customers do not know this is of. Here is a total list of most symbols and icons on Telegram making use of their definitions so guess what happens happens once you tap on them.

Telegram DMs and Group Icons Meaning

Here are symbols and icons you might encounter when you are messaging some body on Telegram one to one or in friends:

Time symbol: You will dsicover the time symbol deliver an email but it has not been delivered. If you continue to see this symbol close to your delivered message, this means you’ve internet issues.

Single green check always symbol: Single check always suggests your message has been sent to the Telegram hosts and the recipient/group has been notified of the message.

Dual green check always symbol: Check ensures that the delivered message has been study by the person (DM) or study by a minumum of one party member.

Observe: In WhatsApp, the grey double-check symbol suggests the message was delivered, and the orange double-check symbol suggests the message was read. Telegram operates only a little differently wherever double-check symbol color does not modify color at all. Number ‘sent’status symbol because you can use Telegram on multiple products at once. We’ve a different guide for WhatsApp symbols and icons.

Vision symbol with number: The eye symbol indicates the see counter. The quantity close to it represents how many times the message, press record, etc. has been viewed. This really is estimated and contains multiple opinions from the same individual and forwarded copies. You will only view it in groups.

Red exclamation tag symbol: That mark ensures that the message wasn’t submitted to the Telegram hosts after trying for five full minutes and ergo was not sent either. Faucet on the unsent message with the red exclamation tag and pick Resend Concept to use again.

Report clip symbol: The report clip symbol in the message area, equally in DMs and party chats, is for attachments. Faucet onto it when to take a image, pick from the gallery, share your local area or contact, or deliver a file.

1. Emoji symbol: Faucet on that to start the emoji screen where you can pick emojis, gifs, and stickers.

2. Plus symbol: Faucet on the plus symbol in the emoji screen to incorporate pieces of stickers from which to choose the next time you wish to deliver stickers. Faucet on the Add button to incorporate the whole set. You can also search for them utilising the research bar up top.

3. Time symbol: You will discover here all of the recently applied stickers and emojis. Some trending items may also be displayed here as a way to find new stuff.

4. Keyboard symbol: Faucet on the keyboard symbol in Telegram to get back to typing text.

5. Cog symbol: Faucet on the cog symbol to handle options for emojis, stickers, and gifs.

Corner symbol: Touching on the cross symbol can disclose a pop-up that’ll question you if you wish to clear recently applied stickers or not.

Up arrow: Once you enter the emoji area, it opens and takes up about 50 % the screen. Usually, the same amount as your keyboard takes. Touching on the up arrow can start it in full-screen mode. You can then tap on the down arrow to get back to half-screen.

Chats Screen Icons

They are several other symbols you will dsicover across Telegram application:

Horn with a cut: You will dsicover this symbol close to the name of anyone whose chat you’ve muted.

Number Next to Chat/Group: It represents how many messages that are unread or new messages in the group.

Sq with pen: Faucet on that symbol to incorporate a fresh contact, create a new group or even a channel.

Pin symbol: If you see a pin symbol close to a talk whether that is a DM, party, or channel, this means you’ve pinned it to the the surface of the screen. No matter how many messages you get from different communities and persons, the pinned chat will remain at the top always in order to quickly access it.

Icons Inside Group/Channel

Once you enter friends or a route, you might see some icons.

Pin with three bars symbol: Touching on that symbol can disclose all of the threads or notices that the admin has made in the channel/group. Admin might remove or modify pinned threads as and when he or she prefers to.

Down arrow with quantity: The quantity represents the amount of messages that presently remain unread. As you scroll down and learn more messages, the amount may decline in real-time. Tap on the arrow symbol to read the final message. You’ll miss most of the unread messages but Telegram may assume they’re read.

Mike: Tap and hold to record a speech message or any sound for that matter.


1. How to check seen time of the message sent on Telegram?

Telegram does not let consumers to check that. Number way.

2. What if the message is sent however the individual prefers maybe not to read my message? Just how do I am aware?

Again, you is only going to see an individual always check and there is number way to locate out.

Telegram Icons and Symbols

Telegram has a lot of great features that other messaging apps skip that will be one key cause of their success. You can create big communities and channels to handle your following and produce announcements. WhatsApp will work for personal application but Telegram is awesome to handle brand/company supporters or customers. As such, there are some new and not known designs and icons that may very well not know this is of. Properly, now you do.

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