How To Refresh Facebook


Facebook is one of the most popular and trusted social media platforms, and permanently reason. It’s a great way to system, relate genuinely to household, buddies, and colleagues, reveal content like videos and photos, and find out about new items that are occurring on earth around you.

Additionally it is become one of the greatest methods for businesses for connecting with their goal audience. But sometimes, it can get only a little stale. This is exactly why it’s essential to help keep points new by relaxing your Facebook site every once in a while. Listed here is how:

How to Refresh a Facebook Page

You will find a number of different ways you can renew your Facebook page. Nevertheless, that depends on whether you’re opening Facebook on your cellular phone, tablet, or PC.

Mobile Phone or Tablet

If you’re utilizing your cellular phone or tablet you can accessibility your Facebook bill from your browser or the Facebook App that’s if you’ve fitted it on your device.

To renew your Facebook site via your browser, simply log in to your bill to gain access to your Facebook information give, then click the three spots in the utmost effective proper place of one’s screen. You’ll see the renew icon which looks like a spiral. Only click that icon to renew your information feed.

To renew your Facebook site via the Facebook App, simply open the app on your product then swipe or drag your monitor downhill, this may instantly renew your page. It’s the quickest and best solution to renew a Facebook page.

Personal Computer

If you’re opening your Facebook give via your browser on your PC, the method is the same as on your smartphone. Only open your browser, then click the three spots in the utmost effective right-hand place of the monitor to gain access to the renew icon.

Nevertheless, the best way to renew a Facebook site on your PC is to simply attack the F5 essential on your keyboard. This can instantly renew the page.

If you want to renew your Facebook pages and communities, you can only do this by relaxing your individual Facebook profile because they can’t be refreshed individually.

Why Facebook Won’t Refresh

If you’re wanting to renew your Facebook site via the Facebook App on your phone, however it won’t renew, the problem could possibly be you have numerous applications working simultaneously.

For applications on your phone to operate, they must have usage of your phone’s memory. And mobile phones will often have a limited number of storage available. So if you have numerous applications working at the same time, your phone may possibly not have enough storage readily available for Facebook to refresh.

You will find different reasons why your Facebook won’t renew such as the app it self is no longer working or you are using an older variation of the app, or you have a poor or number internet connection.

Ways to Fix Facebook Not Refreshing

Check Your Internet Connection

It doesn’t matter if you’re utilizing your phone or PC to gain access to your Facebook, if don’t have an internet connection or if you have a poor internet connection, you will have issues relaxing your Facebook page.

So always check to see if you have a great internet connection. You certainly can do that by opening different applications or sites on your product and checking if they function properly. If different applications or sites work great but Facebook isn’t, then the issue is perhaps not your online connection.

Log Out of Facebook and Log Back In

If there isn’t an internet connection concern, the very first and quickest way to correct your Facebook renew problem is to log out of Facebook and then log straight back in.

In the event that you however have the same problem following recording in, you might want to use a number of the different options below.

Update or Reinstall the Facebook App

When you notice your Facebook site isn’t relaxing, always check to observe that you’re utilising the updated variation of the app. If you’re using an older variation, it may cause problems with refreshing.

To check if you have the most recent variation of Facebook fitted on your product, visit the App Store or Play Store. In the event that you have not updated the app however, you’ll see an “Update” key close to the Facebook icon in your app drawer. Faucet on it to acquire and install and see if that treatments the problem.

When you have already updated your Facebook app but Facebook remains perhaps not relaxing, uninstall and reinstall the app on your product to see if that treatments the issue.

Reboot Your Phone

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If your internet connection is excellent and you have updated your Facebook App, however your Facebook site remains perhaps not relaxing, you may decide to try rebooting your phone. Doing this generally treatments many app-related issues.

Clear the Cache

When you have attempted the above practices but nonetheless cannot resolve your trouble, then decide to try clearing the Facebook cache on your device.

This can reset the Facebook App, meaning it’ll remove all information like short-term documents and your login information. Which means that you will need to log in to your Facebook bill again to gain access to your information feed.

Use a Different Browser

If you’re opening your Facebook using a browser on your product, then decide to try employing a various browser. It will help you find out if there is a concern with the browser that you are using.

In the event that you are able to renew Facebook without any dilemmas in an alternative browser, then there’s something very wrong with the one that you were applying before. Take to reinstalling it or upgrading it if possible.

Check Your Date and Time Settings

It’s probable your date and time adjustments are inappropriate, that could be inducing the issue. Visit Adjustments > Common > Date & Time and make sure that they’re collection to the right date and time.

Increase Memory

If you’re utilizing your cellular phone or tablet to gain access to Facebook and you can’t renew your Facebook give, then decide to try raising the quantity of storage that can be acquired on your device.

You certainly can do that by eliminating old or empty apps. This can release some space on your product, allowing you to renew Facebook.

If you’re using an older product that doesn’t have enough inner storage, then decide to try obtaining a new phone or tablet with increased storage, or prevent working numerous applications concurrently on your device.

Check Your Feed Preferences

When you have a cultural media bill with Facebook, Instagram, or another social media system, it’s essential to check your give preferences. Not only will that ensure that you see probably the most applicable revisions from your pals and household, but you can alter your choices to see probably the most up-to-date content on your Facebook feed.


Whether you’re an avid user of Facebook or simply like to check in from time to time, it can be annoying and downright troublesome viewing the same kind of posts on your information feed.

It’s even more annoying once you decide to try relaxing your Facebook site and it really maintains presenting the same kind of content. If you’re having troubles with Facebook and are buying alternative, then decide to try the methods above.

If nothing of these function, the problem could possibly be with Facebook. You are able to contact them via their Help Middle and let them know you’re struggling to renew your Facebook page.


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