KiwiFarms Went Down. Now Everything is KiwiFarms.


That Sunday, September 3rd, the Washington Post advised the planet so it had been exactly one year since KiwiFarms — the Internet’s many known loathe community, which will keep a destroy rely of transgender persons it has taunted to destruction — was dropped by its machine, Cloudflare. At the time, this is reported as the “end” of KiwiFarms. The death notices were premature.

The truth is that KiwiFarms has been up and down and up again for the past 12 months, booted from one machine to the next. Its loathe campaigns have attracted global interest from the media, and have targeted one or more lawmaker (conservative Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene, who was possibly selected to counter allegations that KF was a right-wing forum) but there is however no obvious appropriate pathway to taking it down for good.


Nor is KF without its defenders. Depending on WaPo, the Digital Frontier Base, a non-profit, has labeled the attempts to get the website down “censorship,” stating that “if the website involved were Reddit, or In the pipeline Parenthood, as well as EFF, the web would be up in arms.”

The site isn’t Reddit, or In the pipeline Parenthood, or EFF. The site is KiwiFarms, which exists exclusively for the goal of killing trans persons, and also often disabled persons, rendering it lethally risky for transgender or disabled people to be viewed or noticed on the Internet. Killing persons for current in the general public sphere is probably more censorious than taking their sites down, in the long term, but I suppose the EFF includes a right to disagree.

I had actually neglected concerning the campaign to drop KiwiFarms, which will be weird, due to the fact I — like many individuals — used to pay some portion of each and every day worrying its users. The virulent and transphobia of the website used to stick out as particularly ugly and lethal. Today, in late 2023, that hate is simply what being on the Net is about.

Consider: Perhaps not two months after Cloudflare dropped KiwiFarms, Twitter was purchased by Elon Musk, who transformed its title to “X” and has used the past week feuding with the


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