IdentityIQ Identity Theft Protection Review


IdentityIQ screens personal data and credit activity to stop you educated of possible threats. The service also includes a $1 million compensation for taken resources and, on some ideas, identity and credit repair services

Personality theft does occur when someone employs someone’s personal data to make scam, often to access finances. Robbers can use spyware or net cons to get information straight from your electronic devices. They could also use data from an agency or company information breach, perhaps obtained on the dark internet, to open bank cards or remove loans in your name.

IdentityIQ screens personal data and credit activity to stop you educated of possible threats. The service also includes a $1 million compensation for taken resources and, on some ideas, identity and credit repair services.

Study our complete evaluation to find out more about IdentityIQ’s features, pricing and customer experience.

Best for family protection

IdentityIQ contains some level of credit tracking and identity theft insurance in every one of their plans.

In the event that you contribute to the Secure Maximum program, you are able to extend that benefit to kiddies or adults under 24 who live with you. They’ll benefit from identity tracking and as much as $25,000 in identity theft insurance — a policy that covers losses and costs when someone takes their personal information.

IdentityIQ identity theft protection pros and cons

  • Credit report monitoring included in all plans
  • $1 million stolen funds reimbursement included in all plans
  • Family protection included in the Secure Max plan
  • Offers antivirus and VPN add-ons
  • Only two plans offer credit report monitoring for all three bureaus
  • No social media account monitoring

Pros explained

Credit record tracking a part of all ideas

All IdentityIQ ideas include daily credit tracking services. It is possible to check always your credit report and credit record for dubious activity and contact IdentityIQ’s customer service for additional help and to assist you evaluation inaccuracies. They could also assist you to with reporting identity theft to the correct authorities.

$1 million taken resources compensation a part of all ideas

IdentityIQ presents as much as $1 million in identity theft insurance with all their plans. The protection applies to the primary IdentityIQ member, who are able to use it to cover taken resources, lost wages or appropriate expenses.

Household security within the Secure Maximum program

Children are vulnerable to identity theft because parents are less likely to monitor their Social Protection figures, that may have disastrous effects on their credit ratings by the time they become adults. In many cases, kiddies may not really be aware that their identities have been stolen.

The Secure Maximum program presents identity theft security, insurance protection and Social Protection number tracking for kids under age 24 who reside in your household.

Presents antivirus and VPN add-ons

For an added $2 to $3 per month, IdentityIQ has an antivirus and virtual personal system (VPN) add-on.

IdentityIQ employs Bitdefender antivirus for multi-layered information security that stops security by ransomware and safeguards your files with minimal affect on your device’s performance. It also includes a VPN for 10 devices, which supplies protection and anonymity once you connect to the web.

Cons explained

Only two ideas provide credit record tracking for all three bureaus

While all IdentityIQ’s ideas include credit tracking, just the two most high-priced ideas — Secure Seasoned and Secure Maximum — include increased credit tracking with all three key credit bureaus. If you buy the Secure or Secure Plus ideas, you will simply receive data from Equifax.

The information that each credit business maintains on record ranges somewhat and you could skip dubious activity in the other two studies if you are just tracking one credit bureau. Take a look at our most useful credit tracking services for more options.

No social media marketing account tracking

Some identity theft security services provide social media marketing tracking to identify artificial users that think your identity. As an example, someone can set up a fake account to con others or use your contacts to achieve more personal details about you. IdentityIQ doesn’t provide that service in any of their plans.

IdentityIQ identity theft protection plans

In the following parts, you will find an explanation of what’s a part of all of IdentityIQ’s four plans.


IdentityIQ’s Secure program is the most inexpensive choice but gets the fewest features. Clients receive credit tracking from Equifax and as much as $1 million in identity theft insurance coverage.

In addition, the program presents net and dark internet tracking, modify of address tracking and credit software monitoring. IdentityIQ will also alert you if your Social Protection number is used.

Other features include lost wallet aid, identity repair and Opt-out IQ to unsubscribe from junk mail and spam contact lists.

Secure Plus

The Secure Plus program presents all the top features of the Secure program plus an annual credit record which includes credit ratings and account data pulled from all three key credit bureaus.

Secure Pro

Secure Seasoned contains every thing that is the main Secure Plus program, and provides credit studies and ratings from all three credit bureaus twice a year. You will also receive signals about any criminal activity committed under your name.

As an example, you could receive signals if:

  • There are improvements to your licensed card people or collections balances.
  • You surpass your bank or retail card limits.
  • New charge-offs or foreclosures are put into your account.
  • Choices or trade lines are paid or closed.
  • There’s more than a 10-point modify in your TransUnion credit score.

Secure Max

IdentityIQ’s Secure Maximum program contains all the top features of the Secure Seasoned program plus credit studies from all three bureaus every month.

Another critical advantage of Secure Maximum is household protection. IdentityIQ’s household security contains as much as $25,000 in identity theft insurance for your children if they are under 24 and live with you.

Other features incorporate a credit report simulation and scam repair with Limited Power of Lawyer (LPOA) to assist you get over any fraudulent activity related to your personal data.

IdentityIQ identity theft protection pricing

The chart under traces the pricing for every one of IdentityIQ’s Personality Theft Defense plans.

Plan NameMonthly Plan PricingAnnual Plan Pricing
IdentityIQ Secure$7 per month$71 per year ($6 per month)
IdentityIQ Secure Plus$10 per month$102 per year ($9 per month)
IdentityIQ Secure Pro$20 per month$204 per year ($17 per month)
IdentityIQ Secure Max$30 per month$306 per year ($26 per month)

While the company does not have a free trial offer period, it has promotional pricing through its on the web ads. A favorite sale value is $1 for a seven-day trial of any of its plans.

IdentityIQ financial stability

Established in 2009, IdentityIQ has received many prizes for the products and services, including:

  • Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest-Growing Personal Companies
  • American Business Awards Bronze Stevie Champion 2022
  • Cyber Protection Superiority Awards 2022

Economic security metrics for IdentityIQ are unavailable, but American International Group (AIG) insurance — the company that underwrites IdentityIQ’s identification robbery insurance coverage — posseses an A (excellent) status from A.M. Best.

IdentityIQ accessibility

Find out about how to get into IdentityIQ’s identification robbery defense solutions below.


IdentityIQ is based in the U.S. and tailors its solutions to U.S. citizens. Like, your IdentityIQ credit record is obtained from credit bureaus that track reports within the U.S. Also, its identification and scam repair solutions are derived from U.S. processes for recognition and credit.

Contact information

Hitting IdentityIQ’s customer service is rather simple. You are able to call IdentityIQ at 1-877-875-4347 Saturday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. or Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST.

IdentityIQ lacks some of the easier contact options, such as for example email or stay talk, in order to just find help by contacting client service.

User experience

The IdentityIQ internet site is organized and possible for customers to navigate. Signals are displayed prominently if you use your IdentityIQ login and code to get into your account. The site also has timely academic posts on matters like preventing duty scam, avoiding scams when getting passes and maintaining your bank and charge card figures safe.

Regrettably, the company does not have an IdentityIQ app. You are able to however access your bill with a mobile visitor but an app will be more convenient.

IdentityIQ customer satisfaction

Most IdentityIQ on the web opinions are positive and pleased clients cite sort customer service representatives who provide educated solutions. But, one of the most frequent IdentityIQ claims relates to the hard and demanding termination method skilled by some customers.

While IdentityIQ representatives assure clients that there’s a method to cancel their membership on the web, the business’s internet site states otherwise. According to the IdentityIQ contact site, you need to call a customer service quantity to cancel your subscription. On the web client opinions also record encountering extensive discussions with representatives who try to tell them to keep the service.

IdentityIQ identity theft protection FAQ

Is IdentityIQ legitimate?

IdentityIQ is a legitimate company that offers credit monitoring and identity theft protection. The company also partners with other reputable companies, such as AIG and Bitdefender.

How does IdentityIQ Identity Theft Protection work?

IdentityIQ is a subscription-based identity theft protection service. After you sign up and choose your preferred plan, IdentityIQ will monitor your credit and personal information behind the scenes. If the company detects suspicious activity, it will alert you and offer any necessary help.IdentityIQ also features privacy tools such as antivirus protection and identity theft insurance to help cover losses and associated expenses.

How do I enroll in IdentityIQ identity theft protection services?

You can sign up for IdentityIQ by visiting the company’s website, choosing the plan you want and filling out basic personal information through the company’s secure online form. Once the account is set up, you can view your IdentityIQ credit scores and report. You can’t sign up with IdentityIQ over the phone.

How do I cancel my IdentityIQ plan?

To cancel an IdentityIQ plan, customers must call the customer service number at 1-877-875-4347.

How we evaluated IdentityIQ identity theft protection

We examined IdentityIQ by taking a look at the business’s solutions, methods, ideas, pricing and client experience.

We also study client opinions to see what clients like and hate most about the company and its products.

Finally, we explored the IdentityIQ internet site to judge the simplicity of use for clients and their over all experience.

Summary of Money’s IdentityIQ review

IdentityIQ gives four identification robbery defense ideas, each of which includes credit tracking, $1 million stolen funds insurance and personal data monitoring. Furthermore, you have the choice to include antivirus and VPN defense to any of the plans.

For clients looking for more comprehensive coverage, the Secure Professional or Secure Max plan offers extra tracking tools. The Secure Max plan, particularly, is an excellent choice for families as it gives identification tracking for qualified kids and as much as $25,000 in identification robbery insurance.

With IdentityIQ’s solutions, clients can feel secure when utilizing their banking, credit and personal data online. But, if you are unsure and wish to compare IdentityIQ to other identification robbery suppliers before committing, we suggest checking out our top picks for identification robbery defense solutions.


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