Eon Next offers customers sustainable energy, translucent billing and no exit costs, but is it the proper company for you?

Eon Next

Eon Next offers customers sustainable energy, translucent billing and no exit costs, but is it the proper company for you?

Eon Next is part of the Eon Group, and has become the customer experiencing service for many Eon customers.

It was set up in 2020 and says it gives domestic customers 100% green energy, translucent billing and no exit fees. It statements its committed staff of energy specialists suggests you obtain a far more particular, and a faster, simpler service. 

Eon needed around Npower’s customers when it halted trading in 2019. It began migrating around 2 million former Npower customers as well as 3.5 million active Eon customers to Eon Next in July 2020.

Eon Next score 

In 2022, we mixed our normal client review with an in-depth evaluation of organizations’behind-the-scenes techniques and policies.

Take a look at our desk under to see our score dysfunction for Eon Next:

Total score57%
Customer survey score51%
Which? assessment score63%

Here’s how Eon Next’s client and plan assessments breakdown:

Customer survey score51%
Customer service ★★★☆☆
Accuracy of payments★★★☆☆
Clarity of statements★★★☆☆
Usefulness of information about energy costs★★☆☆☆
Clarity of communication about the energy market★★☆☆☆
Value for money★★☆☆☆
Which? assessment score63%
Complaints performance (out of 10)6
Customer service (out of 17)11
Support for vulnerable customers (out of 23)15

Centered on a review of 1,500 Eon Next customers moved out in October 2022, and a Which? energy company demand for data manufactured in December 2022. 

Discover how Eon Next compares with different energy organizations.

Eon Next customer review

Eon Next was placed in the bottom 1 / 2 of the desk of the 16 energy organizations ranked in the Which? energy client review of 10,197 members of the public. It acquired a customer score of 51%, getting it in 12th place. 

The five suppliers that conducted worse than Eon Next were Ovo Power, Sainsbury’s Power, Scottish Power, Cover Power and SSE with ratings including 50% to 46%.

Consumers offered a typical three-star status for 1 / 2 of the places we ranked, including customer care, and only two stars for one other three, including price for money.

One client stated discontent about the possible lack of data they acquired about their energy prices: ‘I can not get understanding from Eon Next about their normal charges to equate to my deal. I’ve created several efforts in several different ways to contact them in the last month but no joy.’

Others seem broadly happy the service they’ve acquired: ‘They give a good service and I believe different suppliers could be worse,’ claimed one.

eon next

Which? verdict on Eon Next

Benefits: More extremely ranked by its customers than three of one other large providers

Cons: On the list of worst performers inside our evaluation of company techniques and procedures 

Our Eon Next supplier assessment

In December 2022 we looked over three areas of suppliers’ company techniques and procedures – how they handle issues, how effectively they carry out their customer care and how they help prone customers, including prepayment customers and those experiencing economic hardship. 

We did this applying a combination of our personal assessments and the answers to a review we delivered to suppliers.

Eon Next was towards the bottom of the desk of the 20 providers we ranked, with an over all score of 63%. That puts it in joint-15th place along with Sainsbury’s Power and Great Energy. In comparison, the most effective supplier Octopus Power scored almost 20 proportion factors a lot more than this with 82%.

It was also in the bottom 1 / 2 of the desk for the help for prone customers and customer care, while it scored reasonably effectively for the issues performance with six out of 10 points. 

Eon Next customer service

There clearly was room for development when it came to Eon Next’s customer care, in accordance with its customers, since it got a middling three-star rating. Two suppliers – Octopus Power and Energy Warehouse accomplished four stars. 

Significantly less than 1 / 2 of Eon Next customers claimed they felt its customer care was good at 45%, weighed against 61% for Octopus and 63% for Energy Warehouse.

It also acquired an average score inside our company evaluation of its customer care, with 11 highlights of 17, getting it in joint-10th place along side seven different providers. 

Eon Next in the energy crisis

When it came to Eon Next’s communication in the energy situation, its customers were not very impressed. They ranked it two stars for the of good use of the data it presented about energy costs and the understanding of its communication about the energy market. 

It also didn’t do specially effectively inside our evaluation of its help for prone customers, scoring 15 highlights of a possible 23. The utmost effective company for this was Ovo with 22 factors, followed closely by Octopus with 21. 

Eon Next Energy Fund

The Eon Next Power Account was set up to simply help prone customers that are struggling to pay their fuel and energy expenses by providing grants. It also helps those qualified to pay for appliances that require exchanging, such as for instance cookers, fridges and washing machines.

Eon Next common complaints

Within our client review, 3% of respondents claimed they last approached Eon Next to produce a complaint.

Almost half (49%) of the Eon Next customers who created a criticism did therefore about a challenge with their bill. Other common client issues were about the pricing of energy (26%) and the precision of the meter (23%).

Can you join Eon Next with a prepayment meter?

Yes, Eon Next may source customers with pay-as-you-go meters.

You are able to top up your credit at a Payzone, PayPoint or Article Office outlet. When you yourself have a good prepayment meter you can also top up on line or via the Eon Next app, and you’ll have the ability to keep track of your balance applying the website, app or your in-home display.

When you yourself have less than 50p in credit remaining on your energy meter, you will get emergency credit of £5 from Eon Next. For fuel you will get £10 of emergency credit when you yourself have less than £2 remaining. You’ll pay the emergency credit right back once you next top up.

The us government is giving all households in Great Britain with an energy source a £400 discount on their energy expenses distribute around six months from October 2022 to March 2023 through its Power Bills Help Scheme. 

If you should be a prepayment client with a good meter the discount will undoubtedly be used immediately as credit each month. Consumers with traditional prepayment yards may receive vouchers in the post.

Does Eon Next sell renewable energy?

Eon Next items 100% green energy which it purchases from machines without subsidies.

Proportion of renewable electricity sold to customersGenerates renewable electricity?Buys renewable electricity directly from generators (with subsidies)?Buys renewable electricity directly from generators without subsidies?Generates or buys power directly from fossil fuels?Sells green gas?
100%Yes*NoYes (100%)NoNo

Amount of green electricity according to Eon Next’s 2022/23 gas mix. Different reactions centered on information supplied by vendors in May 2023.

*E.ON Next initially told people it did not produce green electricity. But following Which? discussed its push release it said that it really owns two biomass CHPs (one in Lockerbie and one in Sheffield) as well as a geothermal power middle in the town of London.

In May 2023, we requested power organizations for informative data on a range of sustainability criteria. We given them factors based on the reactions as well as information printed on the websites, such as the annual Energy Mix Disclosure (FMD). Elements we scored included how much of the electricity they offer is green and if they produce green power or get it immediately from generators.

Eon Next offers 100% green power to its domestic clients which can be acquired immediately from green machines that do not obtain government subsidies. It’s completely matched by REGO certificates. Eon Next does not offer natural gas.

It told people: ‘We aim for the E.ON Group’s Scope 1 and 2 emissions is usually to be climate-neutral by 2040 and its Scope 3 emissions by 2050’ ;.

When we compared power organizations on the natural references in December 2023, Eon Next scored 55%. That places it proper in the midst of our desk of the 17 organizations rated.

Eon Next in the news

Eon Next in 2022

December: Eon Next announced that it would be among the vendors supplying a discount to intelligent meter clients who lower their power use at certain maximum occasions through the National Grid’s demand flexibility service.

Eon Next in 2021

March: Eon Next was appointed to defend myself against the 233,000 domestic clients of Enstroga, Igloo Power and Symbio Power when they ended trading.

January: Eon Next skilled backlash on social media following it sent socks to 30,000 clients as part of its energy-saving campaign. That got at a time when power prices were expected to surge in the coming months for those not on fixed-rate tariffs.


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