What “SOS Only” on iPhone Means, & How to Fix SOS Mode

SOS Only

Periodically when using iPhone, you may see the cellular support status bars vanish and be changed by “SOS” or “SOS Only”, or you may see “SOS Only” in Get a grip on Center.

What does SOS Only Mean on iPhone?

In the event that you see the “SOS or “SOS Only” text in the iPhone status club, this implies the iPhone isn’t attached to a cellular system that is able to use common cellular connectivity. However, SOS / SOS Only does indicate as possible carry on to create crisis calls from the iPhone.

You could see the SOS or SOS Only message on the iPhone when you are out of a service region, in an area with poor cellular connection or insurance, in rural areas, tunnels, and in other conditions where in fact the iPhone is unable to connect with a cellular network.

SOS and SOS Only is different from ‘No Company’for the reason that SOS indicates you are able to still produce crisis calls to 911 or very same, but “No Service” indicates there’s really virtually no support insurance offered at all, not for emergency.

Why does iPhone say SOS / SOS Only?

You could see the SOS Only message because of among the subsequent factors:

  • Inadequate mobile signal: If the iPhone is in an area with poor system insurance or no cellular system insurance, the iPhone may unable to connect to your carrier’s network.
  • Cellular network/carrier issues: Periodically there are issues with your cellular service and their system, where case you may see the iPhone present the “SOS Only” message in the status club
  • SIM card issues: If the SIM card used on the iPhone is broken or maybe not put appropriately, the iPhone might not be able to connect with the service cellular system
  • iOS pc software issues: Seldom, pc software issues may a problem with the ability of iPhone to participate a cellular system
  • Random quirk: Seldom, some arbitrarily occurring quirk with the unit, system, mobile system, or yet another component could cause the SOS message to produce

How to Fix “SOS Only” on iPhone

In the event that you learn that iPhone is displaying the “SOS Only” status or says “SOS” in the status club or Get a grip on Middle, maybe you are able to solve the problem by doing these:

  • Physically transfer places to make sure you are in an area with good cellular system insurance
  • Restarting the iPhone may handle the SOS Only issue. To system any iPhone with Face ID, press Volume Up, Volume Down, then press and hold the Power/Lock button and soon you see the  Apple emblem on screen. In a few moments the iPhone may boot straight back up and attempt to participate the system again
  • If you use a SIM card, make certain the SIM card is dried, placed and placed correctly, and that it is maybe not broken
  • Upgrade iOS process pc software on iPhone. You can do that by going to Settings application > Common > Application Upgrade
  • Contact your cellular service if you carry on to see difficulties with cellular support, like always viewing the SOS or SOS Only message on the unit, or if the SOS message seems when insurance is good and other troubleshooting approaches have unsuccessful

Maybe you have observed the SOS Only message in your iPhone before? Was it because you were out of an average support region, or yet another reason? Did the tricks above enable you to handle the problem? Let us know your activities in the comments.


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