What is the ‘how did Dora die’ trend on TikTok?

how did dora die

TikTok users are going viral for discussing their reactions to googling the question ‘how did Dora die?’ and garnering countless tens and thousands of views. Here’s every thing to know about the unusual trend.

Social media software TikTok may usually be considered a weird place, and many of the traits which have removed viral on the application have taken up merely thanks to how unusual they are.

One particular case, that first appeared on the application last year, and has returned to baffle users again in 2023, may be the ‘how did Dora die’trend.

Dora, in cases like this, identifies animation character Dora the Traveler, who stars in a present of exactly the same title that features the type planning on adventures with a monkey named Boots. The character is now an well-known element of a few memes online.

That dark development involving Dora teaches individuals to google search how the type supposedly died, recording their face equally before and after finding out the information.

Some users which have participated in the development have garnered tens and thousands of views and loves because of their shocked reactions.

Did Dora actually die?

No— you will be relieved to hear that Dora isn’t really canonically dead.

Looking her reason for demise may bring up benefits like slipping into quicksand or a water, slipping into a gorge, getting eaten with a crocodile, and getting “disintegrated with a lightning secure,” among several others.

But, all of these appear to possess started with a fanmade audio video named ‘Dora Number More’published by TheStringiniBros in 2012. The video, viewed over 11 million times, shows the variety of various ways Dora could have died on her adventuring, with the caption reading: “Exploring can be dangerous kids.”

Despite perhaps not being real, these fake reasons for Dora’s demise have already been showing to be good resource substance for response movies on TikTok.


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