Nicola Bulley died accidentally after falling into cold water, coroner concludes

nicola bulley

Nicola Bulley died accidentally following slipping into cool water, the coroner at her inquest has concluded.

Ms Nicola Bulley, 45, faded following dropping down her daughters, six and nine, at college, and taking her usual dog go across the Stream Wyre in St Michael’s, Lancashire, on 27 January.

Subsequent her disappearance, the 45-year-old mortgage adviser from Inskip was instantly considered a “high risk” lacking individual and her disappearance sparked an rigorous research operation before her body was eventually discovered a lot more than three days later in the Wyre.

Nicola Bulley's family released a new picture of her following the inquest

Dr James Adeley, elderly coroner for Lancashire, noted her death as accidental as she dropped into the river and suffered “cool water shock”, ruling out suicide.

In a record read external judge following the inquest, Ms Bulley’s household claimed: “However, we wish to again raise and address the matter of social media.

“It’s upsetting that we’ve extended to get negative targeted messages and still watch extremely inaccurate speculation being distributed around numerous platforms.

“We encourage people to go through the details, the evidence which has been noticed through the inquest, and in conclusion achieved by the Coroner, to dismiss any amateur opinions and thoughts, and be aware of the influence words bring.”

Nicola Bulley's family asks for time to heal

Nicola was ‘looking forward to the future’

Earlier in the day, her partner John Ansell said that despite a “blip” in her psychological health she was “back again to herself” and had ideas for the season ahead.

Her family’s attorney told the reading at State Hall, Preston, they believed her death was “a destructive accident” ;.

Ms Bulley’s mobile phone was still connected to a function Teams call when it was available on a seat overlooking the river on the day she gone missing.

Mr Ansell claimed: “She was still listening to that conference, therefore I do believe she will need to have probably set the telephone on the seat and removed to put the utilize back on Willow.”

He explained she have been “looking forward to the future” before she vanished, despite the “blip” the prior month.

“The blip on the Christmas time occurred however in January she was back again to himself, looking forward to the long run and every thing was on the up,” claimed Mr Ansell, who at one point throughout his evidence broke down in holes and had to leave the room.

On the day she vanished, he delivered her a text stating: “Maybe you have got lost?”

Requested if she’d any suicidal ideas, Mr Ansell claimed she’d built “a few throwaway comments” the month before her death, “but nothing that offered me any concern” ;.

Inquest shown

But there is “nothing on the records or records from 2012 wherever there’s been any reference to her emotion suicidal or of self-harm”, Dr Gray added.

Ms Bulley was delivered to A&E on 11 January because of an accident to her head, Dr Gray said.

The mother-of-two joined a walk-in center following a fall, complaining of increased drowsiness and throwing up, and was delivered to A&E the place where a CT check came ultimately back normal, the inquest heard.

A psychological health clinician joined Ms Bulley’s home on 10 January along with a police and paramedic following issues about her welfare.

Police say thoughts are with Bulley family

But Theresa Lewis Leevy told the inquest Ms Bulley did not appear frustrated despite issues around her increased drinking.

Ms Bulley appeared intoxicated on her behalf bed and spoke of getting lost weight.

However, when requested if she appeared frustrated, Ms Leevy claimed: “Number, number, not too I possibly could confirm at the time.”

Cousin addresses of suffering

Ms Bulley’s brother cried as she spoke through the inquest.

“Nikki was my big sister… quite definitely a adviser,” Louise Cunningham said.

“She began her job again, a busy mum, as most individuals are, balancing a career and household life. She generally had points under her control.”

A police diver searches the river

Ms Cunningham also commented on the “blip” in her sister’s psychological state.

She claimed: “She had a blip around Christmas (2022) but she was back on the HRT treatment in January and back again to function and back again to the normal Nikki.”

Ms Cunningham claimed her brother was drinking more heavily around that period.

But she included: “She’s never confided in me about any suicidal thoughts.”

Ms Cunningham claimed she was planning a bobbleheadwater day briefly before Ms Bulley’s death.

She cried as she claimed: “I literally established it was booked but she didn’t get the message.”

Ribbons left on a bench near where Ms Bulley was last seen

Number proof damage before ‘drowning’

On Wednesday, the inquest noticed there was number evidence Ms Bulley was damaged before she drowned.

Specialist Professor Jordan Tipton claimed the heat of the river was around 3-5C and it’d have taken “a couple of breaths” of water to eliminate Ms Bulley.

Requested by Dr James Adeley, elderly coroner for Lancashire, if there is any proof third-party engagement in Ms Bulley’s death, House Company pathologist Dr Alison Shield replied: “Number, there is not.”

Anybody emotion mentally distressed or suicidal may call Samaritans for help on 116 123 or email in the UK.


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