Lao lottery


Check the Lao lottery today. The 6 winning numbers are:

Lao lottery is the us government lottery of Laos, given by their state enterprise Lottery Progress Company. Under the direction of the Ministry of Finance Lottery is given to bring revenue to the government. and help different government actions

Pattana lottery (ຫວຍພັດທະນາ​) Presently in 2023, Lao lottery today brings rewards every Saturday, Friday and Friday, 3 days a week. You can find 2 reward drawing types:

1. Lao lottery 6 figures, 5 figures, 4 figures, 3 figures, 2 figures, 1 number

2. Dream Guide Lottery 4/40: Dog title figures will undoubtedly be given 4 prizes. You can find 99 figures in total. Each number will undoubtedly be given a reward displayed by the title of a different animal.

The Lao lottery will undoubtedly be transmitted live on Lao National Broadcasting Place and Lao National Tv Place Channel 1 (Tchon.1) or watch online on Laolottort live from 8:00 p.m. onwards.


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